Housing and Rates

Several different kinds of housing are available, including cottages with porches and fireplaces or the larger Pennsylvania and Maryland Houses. The two-story, 50-room Maryland House was built in the early 1850’s. Both Maryland and Pennsylvania Houses provide more traditional accommodations with a double room and private bath. Cottages differ in size and consist of private bathrooms and shared baths. Shrine Mont follows The American Plan (1 night stay + 3 meals).


Management reserves the right to charge for any damages that occur (such as broken windows, etc.)


Virginia Department of Taxation (quoting retail and sales and use tax regulations): "Exemption from the sales tax on meals and accommodations provided by hotels, motels, restaurants, etc., is very limited." The following are not exempt from sales tax on meals and accommodations provided by hotels, and motels, etc.:

  • Non-profit charitable or religious organizations including churches or church groups
  • Schools, colleges, and other institutions of learning
  • Local governments
  • State governments

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