Covid-19 Information from Shrine Mont

Shrine Mont is open for 2021

September 1, 2021

Our mission of being “A Place Apart” has a new meaning for folks who are emerging back into normalcy.  The Shrine Mont leadership and staff feel compelled to fulfill our mission now more than ever.  While our staff and many of our guests have been vaccinated, we will not require vaccination to visit Shrine Mont.  Guests are asked to wear masks in all public indoor spaces (VA House first floor and dining room, Brown and Art Halls and upper dining room.)

Key facts for guests to know:

  • All guests will be asked to wear masks in public indoor spaces including the dining rooms until you sit down to eat

Click HERE for a preview on our 2021 programs.

Click HERE for an invitation to visit Shrine Mont.

Contact our guest services department for more information and to make a reservation.

Click HERE to download Shrine Mont's Guidelines for your and our safety.

This page will be updated regularly with the latest information on Shrine Mont's response to the COVID-19 virus.

If you have a questions or concerns about an upcoming reservation later at Shrine Mont, please feel free to contact our guest services department.

Shrine Mont is working to make sure we are as safe we possibly can be for our guests and our staff.  We will follow appropriate practices outlined by the  Health Department and CDC regarding the cleaning of facilities and continue to communicate with our staff and guests about the basic safe practices outlined by the CDC.

Frequently Asked Questions

Updated September 1  (Most recent updates in RED)

When will Shrine Mont open?

Shrine Mont is now open.

We are continuing to monitor the situation and will update our COVID-19 page as things change.

Are you holding worship services in the Cathedral Shrine of the Transfiguration?

Services will be held regularly following the guidelines set forth by the Diocese of Virginia.  Watch the Shrine Mont website for Sunday morning schedule.

Can I work remotely from Shrine Mont?

Absolutely.  WiFi  is available in the public spaces in the Virginia House and the Tucker complex

Has the COVID-19 outbreak had an impact on Shrine Mont?

Yes.  The shortened 2020 season had immediate and long-term financial impact on our ability to serve our guests and our employees who count on us for their livelihood. We are now serving up to 200 guests with the hope to expand throughout the season.

Shrine Mont’s greatest strength in dealing with the current situation is our community – our loyal customers, guests, friends and donors.  We are confident that  we will welcome back many people who will enjoy our hospitality and a well needed retreat from the events of this year.

How do I make a reservation?

Call guest services at 540-856-2141 to book your family or your group

What will happen with the Shrine Mont Camps?

An abbreviated version Shrine Mont Camps will was held from July 3-30.  A great time was had by all.

Is Bryce Resort open?

Bryce Resort is currently offering its regular lineup of activities including golf, the downhill bike park, lake Laura and disc golf.  There is no longer a  zip line.

What can I do to help Shrine Mont through this difficult time?

  • If you have a reservation, please plan on coming as you are able and feel comfortable doing so,
  • If you want to come stay for a week or a weekend, contact our reservations department to request a reservation.  Space is opening up through the fall and we are glad to provide a safe place apart.
  • If you are unable to reschedule your reservation and you are able to make a gift, please consider making your payment as a donation to Shrine Mont.  Shrine Mont is a 501(C)(3) organization and your gift will qualify as a charitable donation.

Can I come to Shrine Mont just to walk around?

  • We appreciate the general public’s desire to walk around our grounds, however we ask that everyone respect our property and the CDC guidelines with respect to social distancing.  Additionally, as we are now hosting guests we ask that everyone adhere to our no pets policy when on our property.
  • No overnight camping is permitted on Shrine Mont property.

What are you doing to keep guests safe in light of the COVID-19 virus?

  • Shrine Mont is working with the Shenandoah County Health Department and following the CDC guidelines with respect to guest room and meeting rooms cleanliness including the use of approved COVID-19 preventive cleaners. 
    • Effective July 2, 2021 Shrine Mont will return to the practice of providing all bedding, a towel and a washcloth for guests.  You are welcome to bring your own if you prefer.
    • Shrine Mont will continue to serve meals in both dining rooms cafeteria style.
    • With the recent uptick in the Delta variant Shrine Mont asks guests to wear masks in all indoor public spaces including the dining rooms until they sit down to eat.

Will Shrine Mont's pool be open?

Shrine Mont's pool is open to Shrine Mont Guests until September 5, 2021

Can I make a gift to Shrine Mont to help during this down time?

Yes, gifts are greatly appreciated at this time.  Donations may be made via the Shrine Mont website - or checks can be made out to Shrine Mont and mailed to PO Box 10, Orkney Springs, VA 22845

Remember that the recently passed CARES act legislation allows anyone to make tax deductible gifts totaling $300 to qualified charities in 2021 whether they itemize or not!