Covid-19 Information from Shrine Mont

Shrine Mont to begin renting cottages May 29 - July 5.

As Virginia is moving into stage 1 in reopening, Shrine Mont will rent 10 of our cottages  in a similar fashion to our winter rental program starting on May 29. These will be available to households currently living together.  Our guests will be asked to follow the same safety and social distancing practices as they would in their homes and not gather with guests staying in other cottages.  Shrine Mont will not provide any food service and our public spaces (Virginia House, Brown Hall, Art Hall) will be closed.  Each available cottage has a kitchen for our guests to make their own meals and there are local restaurants offering home delivery or pickup.

Shrine Mont does offer 1,200 acres of nature for guests to enjoy while hiking, porching, golfing at Bryce and many other activities where all can enjoy our facility while also staying safe.

There are a number of precautions we must take to provide our guests the safest environment possible and we are following guidelines set forth by the CDC and health department to protect our staff and guests.  All visitors will also be asked to follow strict guidelines for everyone’s safety and these will be posted on our website in the near future.  Click here to learn more about these special rentals

Contact our guest services department for more information and to make a reservation

This page will be updated regularly with the latest information on Shrine Mont's response to the COVID-19 virus.

If you have a questions or concerns about an upcoming reservation later at Shrine Mont, please feel free to contact our guest services department.

Shrine Mont is working to make sure we are as safe we possibly can be for our guests and our staff once we are able to open.  We will follow the recommendations of the Health Department and CDC regarding the cleaning of facilities and safe food service and continue to communicate with our staff and guests about the basic safe practices outlined by the CDC.

Click here to see on-line resources at The Diocese of Virginia  to help parishes and individuals during this time of isolation from your parish family.

If you would like to help Shrine Mont overcome the loss of business, click here to make your tax deductible contribution.  Note that the recently passed CARES act legislation allows for up to $300 in gifts to qualified nonprofit organizations can be deducted in 2020 under a universal deduction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Updated May 20, 2020

Has the COVID-19 outbreak had an impact on Shrine Mont?

Yes.  Because of COVID-19, Shrine Mont has to delay our opening until the commonwealth allows us to serve guests.  This delay will have immediate and long-term financial impact on our ability to serve our guests and our employees who count on us for their livelihood.

Shrine Mont’s greatest strength in dealing with the current situation is our community – our loyal customers, guests, friends and donors.  We are confident that when we open, we will welcome back many people who will enjoy our hospitality and a well needed retreat from the events of this year. Until we open, we count on this community to support us generously as each person is able.

When will Shrine Mont open?

Shrine Mont will begin to rent 10 of our cottages to households already living together from May 29 - July 5 .  We will be unable to provide meals and each of these cottages has a kitchenette for guests to use.  For more information visit our Special Cottage Rental web page

We are continuing to monitor the situation and will update our COVID-19 page as things change.

What if I already have a reservation?

Shrine Mont has made outreach to all our guests who were scheduled to visit while we are closed or during this special rental period to confirm your stay or reschedule for later in the 2020 season. If you have not been contacted, please contact our reservations department.

What will happen with the Shrine Mont Camps?

On May 18 the Diocese of Virginia suspended the Shrine Mont Camps for the 2020 season. Further information can be found on the Shrine Mont Camps website or

What can I do to help Shrine Mont through this difficult time?

  • If you have a reservation, please plan on coming if we are open,
  • If you need to move your reservation, our guest services staff will be glad to work with you to reschedule your stay for later in 2020.  We are currently posting available dates at with daily updates.
  • If you are unable to reschedule your reservation for 2020 and you are able to make a gift, please consider making your payment as a donation to Shrine Mont.  Shrine Mont is a 501(C)(3) organization and your gift will qualify as a charitable donation.

Can I come to Shrine Mont just to walk around?

  • Shrine Mont is currently closed.  We appreciate the general public’s desire to walk around our grounds, however we ask that everyone respect our property and the CDC guidelines with respect to social distancing.
  • No one is permitted in any Shrine Mont building for any reason without written permission from the Executive Director.
  • Shrine Mont has no public restroom facilities available when we are closed.

Once Shrine Mont opens, what will you do to keep guests safe in light of the COVID-19 virus?

  • Shrine Mont is working with the Shenandoah County Health Department and follow CDC guidelines with respect to guest room and meeting rooms cleanliness including the use of approved COVID-19 preventive cleaners.  Some of our precautions include:
    • Screening guests and staff upon arrival at Shrine Mont
    • Leaving a buffer of two days between rentals to allow for any potential virus to die, followed by sanitation of the cottage by Shrine Mont housekeeping staff
    • Guests will be required to bring their own bedding, towels and any sports equipment they wish to use.
    • Each cottage will have a cleaning kit so guests can clean highly touched surfaces as needed.
  • Once we are able to open public spaces, Shrine Mont will have hand sanitizing stations in public spaces and signage throughout the facility reminding guests and staff of proper hand washing and other recommended practices.
  • There is no evidence that COVID-19 is spread through food or food shipped from affected regions.  Shrine Mont will work with the Shenandoah County Health Department to insure our food service and preparation follow all guidelines in both our dining rooms.

Can I make a gift to Shrine Mont to help during this down time?

  • Yes, gifts are greatly appreciated at this time.  Donations may be made via the Shrine Mont website. or checks can be made out to Shrine Mont and mailed to PO Box 10, Orkney Springs, VA 22845
  • Remember that the recently passed CARES act legislation allows anyone to make tax deductible gifts totaling $300 to qualified charities in 2020 whether they itemize or not!