Board of Directors

Class of 2015

  • Mr. J. Dixon Edge, Esq
  • Mr. David Penrod
  • Ms. Marnie Sarver
  • Ms. Mitzi van der Veer

Class of 2016

  • Ms. Kathleen Hobson
  • Ms. Janet K. Meredith
  • Ms. Mary Beth Abplanalp
  • Mr. John Carten

Class of 2017

  • Mr. Brian Bonnet
  • The Rev. Alexander MacPhail
  • Ms. Anne Wilkins

Officers and Staff

  • The Rt. Rev. Shannon Sherwood Johnston
    President and Chairman
  • Mr. J. Dixon Edge
    Vice President
  • Mr. Ted Smith
  • Mr. Ed Jones
  • Ms. Paris Ball
    Diocesan Director of Christian Formation
  • Mr. Kevin Moomaw
    Shrine Mont Executive Director

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