Facilities Map and Floor Plans

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Washington House Peterkin Cottage Williamsburg House Meade Cottage Alexandria House St. Andrews Cottage Richmond House Tucker Lodge Fairfax House Art Hall Arlington House Brown Hall Norfolk House Bird Cage Stidley Cottage Miller Cottage Portlock Cottage Hillside Cottage Pennsylvania House Rec Hall Crenshaw Lodge Maryland House Dormitories Virginia House Gibson Cottage The Rectory Hall House A The Infirmary Hall House B Lexington Cottage Chilton Hall Vienna House Lloyd Hall Atkeson Cottage DeRossi Cottage Stribling Cottage Harrison Cottage Scott Cottage Warner Cottage Happy Pavilion Upper Pavilion Lower Pavilion St. George's Camp Woodward Camp Bear Wallow Camp Woodward Director's Cabin Woodward Staff House Cathedral Shrine of the Transfiguration Swimming Pool


Private Dining Parking
A Washington House P Hall House B DD Tucker Lodge
B Williamsburg House Q Lexington Cottage EE Art Hall
C Alexandria House R Vienna House FF Brown Hall
D Richmond House S Atkeson Cottage GG Bird Cage
E Fairfax House T Derossi Cottage HH Miller Cottage
F Arlington House U Bishop's Residence
II Hillside Cottage
G Norfolk House V Stribling Cottage JJ Rec Hall
H Stidley Cottage W Harrison Cottage KK Crenshaw Lodge
I Portlock Cottage X Director's Residence
LL Dormitories
J Pennsylvania House Y Scott Cottage MM Gibson Cottage
K Maryland House Z Warner Cottage NN The Rectory
L Virginia House AA Peterkin Cottage OO The Infirmary
M  Woodward Staff Cabin
BB Meade Cottage PP  Laundry

Woodward Director's

CC St. Andrews Cottage QQ Chilton Hall
O Hall House A  
RR Lloyd Hall

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